World of Interiors publicity, June edition 2016

I am pleased to present to you a recent article about myself, published by Terry's Fabrics, well worth having a look at other designers on the webpage.

Thank you Terry's Fabrics!

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"Woven Textiles - A Designer's Guide' is Sharon's first publication and due to be released towards the end of 2014 by Crowood Press

'Woven Textiles - A Designer's Guide' is a step by step guide to the weave process from learning to weave through to designing your own woven cloth according to personal concepts and themes and finally the finishing techniques that should be applied bringing the cloth to the glory it deserves. The book provides both practical and theoretical information on the subject providing a Troubleshooter guide for overcoming potential problems, as well as including helpful tips and advice throughout, on designing and working with ‘hard to handle’ yarns in a technical language that is both interesting and easy to understand.

The book pushes your learning through passionate explanations of designing and weaving exciting cloth, with two chapters including weave structures and patterns to explore. Beautiful photographs portray the weave process with images of cloth by contemporary weave designers, supporting the written explanations and providing food for thought on your own woven ideas.
The passion and enthusiasm coupled with the exciting approach to design is something this book can provide every weaver.

In 2010 Sharon received Match Funding which was used to purchase an 8-shaft Ashford fold down table loom, stand and weaving accessories. It has been used in a number of funded and private workshops and projects with museums, schools, art centres working with community groups of both a vulnerable and non-vulnerable nature across the South East region.