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Debut book by weave designer Sharon Kearley

The hardback book holds 240 pages, with 332 colour photographs


Weaving is an age-old craft but it has boundless potential. The beauty and joy of weaving a finished piece of cloth can be enhanced by creating your own designs and using the latest ideas and techniques. This new book explains to the novice how to start weaving textiles, but also develops techniques for the more experienced so they can learn to appreciate colour, patterns and structures, and thereby design their own richly-textured cloth.


As well as practical information on how to get started, Woven Textiles provides: 

Information on yarns and fibres, and how they can be combined

Step-by-step instructions on learning to weave

Guide to weave structures and patterns

Colour, pattern and structure explained

Finishing techniques

Examples of finished pieces by leading weave designers



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